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Welcome to our world of creativity and fun, love, and joy, where you can find all kinds of cards for all kinds of occasions.


We are proud to be an Armenian family. We love our culture, we love our roots, we love Armenia.

Haykards is a family-owned small company of greeting cards established in 2022. Members of the family come from different backgrounds, but they are all united around the same idea of preserving our cultural heritage and traditions and passing them to the younger generations.

Teachers and Artists got together to create a series of unique and original Armenian greeting cards reflecting the beauty of our culture, traditions, and daily life. We are a nation that loves to exaggerate, laugh, party, joke and we are a nation who appreciates our history and honors our ancestors.

All images in the greeting cards are original and all characters are created based on real life models seen in different places and in different circumstances, later turned into cartoon characters.

Poems inside the cards are written by our talented family members who are not necessarily writers but have a deep appreciation for Armenian literature. We believe that we are all poets in heart even if many of us never tried to write a poem.

And yes, we are obsessed with pomegranates.

Armenian culture is full of symbols and one of them is the pomegranate. It symbolizes life and traditions, abundance, and fertility. For us, the pomegranate is also a symbol of love, beauty, and prosperity. And we absolutely love the taste of the fruit as well.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

Love, peace and happiness from our family to yours!

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